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  • freeny
    Nov 12, 08:32 PM
    "Lighten up," it is so... American :p

    What a cliche:rolleyes:

    Is that the best you could do?

    BTW, My Japanese manager thinks they are hilarious too...

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  • joemama
    Oct 26, 04:49 PM
    Random yet related question:

    What do people recommend using to record basic voiceovers in iMovie and FCExpress? My high school students currently use ProTools and Mbox and it's just way too complicated to record a simple voiceover.

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  • renewed
    Dec 27, 08:09 PM
    Same reason most online stores don't ship to Nigeria.

    If statistics show problem online fraud areas in a much higher percentage than other cities, it makes sense to temporarily curb it.

    +1. This whole signal is at fault thing is really getting old.

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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 27, 11:07 PM
    Previously on "Trump, the Strip":

    I love Bloom County! I'll have to go back and read some Fundamentally Oral Bill now...


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  • MacManiac1224
    Sep 13, 04:47 PM
    eweek is a magazine for enterprise customers, there is no link i can provide, but you can take my word for it.

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  • edesignuk
    Dec 18, 10:29 AM
    ^ oh well, you disapprove.


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  • fredoviola
    Apr 19, 09:41 AM
    I think the white iPhone looks a little ugly. The white looks somehow cheap...

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  • MacRumors
    Nov 17, 03:22 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2010/11/17/teenager-sells-130000-worth-of-white-iphone-4-conversion-kits/)



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  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 25, 09:24 AM
    Before all you Apple fannies disagree with this; just remember Apple is trying to sue everyone else too.

    It's all ridiculous.

    Amen. Some people here act like Kodak has no right to sue. Egads! Apple does it all the time also.

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  • cookieme
    Oct 26, 02:05 PM
    I just came back from the store.

    Incidentally, they are *not* offering *any* form of student discount on Leopard here. No higher education discount and no standard discount. Full price or family pack price only.

    This is not TRUE I just showed them my univeristy ID and I got the discount. Btw when I came to the store it was about 18:15 and although the queue stretched around the block it only took 10 min before I was in the store and got my hands on a copy of leopard.

    No tshirt unfortunately, which simply means that by 10pm tonight the Apple Store at Regent street will by my estimation have sold a few thousand copies. Amazing how an operating system can cause such interest, but that's what Apple do well. :D


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  • YoGramMamma
    Apr 13, 01:35 AM
    One thing that i hadnt considered until i got to use it first hand was the whole issue of latency. I got a 64GB VZW model (and while i was origianlly going to get the ATT version, i figured i'd just jailbreak and go the miWi route.. so I am gonna keep the vzw one)..

    Anyway, ive used an att one and a vzw one side by side both with abotu 3 bars of signal and the vzw one smoked the att one on response time alone. the VZW was almost done loading the whole page before the att one even begun. They ultimately ended up finishing close to one another, and i am sure on larger uploads and downloads teh faster bandwidth would be a plus, but for most browsing, having a faster response time is better.... and the VZW definitely wins in this area.

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  • fxtech
    Apr 21, 04:48 PM
    Ahh my wet dream of John Carmack and Steve Jobs on the same stage gets a little closer.

    A touchscreen is a HORRIBLE interface for an id game. Far worse than even a standard "stick" controller.


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  • Tonsko
    Nov 19, 04:27 AM
    Just for those who thing this is a hand-slap kind of thing, I worked on a project where someone leaked an industrial design on a product and the FBI arrested them and they were facing 75 years in federal prison for it. This kind of stuff can get you more years than killing someone.

    Depressing, but prolly true. Corporate muscle and lobbying power to protect their profits is more important than the taking of a life. Topsy-turvy, eh?:p

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  • applefan69
    Apr 14, 02:24 PM
    Based on some of the posts in this one forum, it seems that most are coming from loud mouth teens who know nothing, or just want to say something for the hell of it. Geez!

    its a thursday afternoon. Shouldnt the intelligent people be... working?

    im a bored college student, not immature kid. A little smartass humor does not hurt in my opinion. Unnecessary one word posts are annoying though.


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  • peharri
    Aug 15, 10:58 AM
    WOW! the evidence youve accumulated is astounding:confused::rolleyes:

    No advertising=more sales:confused: :eek:

    Want to quote where I said that? Perhaps you and the ready2switch can find a set of words in my comment that actually mean that. I can't. Not even in the parts you quoted.

    What I've said are:

    - Sales would be higher now than six months ago regardless of what advertising Apple did. No advertising, bad advertising, good advertising. The fact is that Apple's PowerPC line was Osbourned. People were waiting for Intel Macs. They weren't about to buy machines Steve Jobs was telling the world were obsolete.

    - Apple's current advertising is bad. It insults its current target audience. If Apple wasn't insulting its target audience, sales would be higher.

    It's easy. It's also blatantly obvious.

    Why are you pushing your opnions as fact?....

    I agree with ready2switch below me

    I don't have an opinion on what an opnion is. If you meant "opinion" though, I suggest you avoid any further posting. After all, you wouldn't want to express your opinions would you? Doing so would be "pushing" them as facts, right?

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 15, 08:25 PM
    An increasing number of complete and utter fruitloops seem to have "Made in the USA" stamped on their foreheads these days.

    All the more reason for the US to get into the export business. ;)


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  • charlituna
    Mar 4, 09:22 PM
    Here we go kids!! Expect lot's of grandstanding and some real knee jerk legislation cause this IS the year to gear up for the big election. I wish someone would inform people that it's their responsibility to be informed consumers AND parents. My kid racked up $380 in cell downloads in one month. I didn't need my senator to step in. I took away her phone for a month, blocked her ability to purchase ANYTHING on it, and worked out the bill with my provider (AT&T) who practically wiped it all away. This is just going to burden us with more laws and subsequently, more taxes in the form of direct taxation of products, indirect taxes by way of price hikes due to a rise in business tax, or BOTH.

    All well and good but why didn't you make her pay the full bill herself? Gets the point across real good when that money you were saving up goes bye bye. Or half your allowance for a very long time

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  • Eidorian
    Jun 18, 10:41 AM
    Fudzilla (http://www.fudzilla.com/content/view/19204/1) has their own thoughts as well. I can wait for a bundle to come out.

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  • deepavs
    Jun 19, 02:24 PM
    How long you have been using the iphone.

    May 3, 11:07 AM
    You go on and believe that if you want. You have no idea the damage conservatives can and will do, but you're about to find out. Get out the lube, you're gonna need it.
    As an American so you have no idea what conservative or liberal really means. Those words have been distorted by your politics over the last half century. Conservative is supposed to mean "balance the budget and pay down the debt" through prudent spending cuts without raising of taxes.

    What your so-called conservatives have done is cut taxes for the rich only, increased spending in the military industrial complex and refused to pass healthcare reform that could potentially save billions of dollars per year. The US spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country but it has the worst healthcare per capita than any other country in the world. Even Cuba has better healthcare.

    Being a conservative is not about having no social programs but rather it is about being fiscally responsible with tax payers money and spending on social programs that serve the majority of citizens and help promote a strong and healthy workforce. The workforce is the engine of the economy.

    Tax cuts are not a bad thing but they should only be done when the government is certain that the budget will be balanced or when they are needed for economic stimulus and they should be across the board or to people on the bottom end.

    RWA MC
    Apr 5, 08:26 PM
    I might just be missing something here but how does this imply that Apple is putting thunderbolt in here?

    I can see where they made the minidisplay port (which is the same form factor as thunderbolt) a dual channel now instead of just a one way channel but wouldn't it say thunderbolt instead of minidisplay port? or is a dual channel minidisplay port just a thunderbolt port? and if minidisplay is on the current 30-pin how is it currently used--do you need an adapter for USB to minidisplay?

    i guess i am kind of answering my own question here but does that mean in the future if apple were to say make its own TV one could use the 30-pin connector to plug right into the back of a TV (into a minidisplay port) and play movies/music like that without the need for an HDMI cable?

    thx for any help or clarification!

    Apr 5, 09:09 AM
    Well, this is confusing.

    Last year Macrumors posters told me in no uncertain terms that CR is always wrong.

    So how am I supposed to take this news?

    Same thought. Why cant people just (I know this sounds crazy) listen to CR when they make factually based reviews (i.e., iPhone 4 antenna design CAN lead to dropped calls). I hate this blind bias some folks have on here.

    Apr 12, 08:21 PM
    Strange coincidence. Android fanboy tears have increased about 40% too.

    LOL! Good one!

    This sort of momentum from Apple in the Tablet market is going to be tough to overcome.

    Jun 11, 09:34 AM
    Now for the past month these same analysts were predicting that Verizon was the next carrier.

    I guess now everyone will be getting on the T-Mobile band wagon, until the rumor fades away, just like the Verizon rumor.