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  • zildjansg
    Dec 26, 07:31 PM
    Lots of awesome shirts, some plaids (not pictured), a great jacket and two shirts from DistrictLines as well.

    Wow!where can I buy that "BINKS" shirt?:D

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  • Artist: Emilio Estevez

  • Full of Win
    Apr 24, 11:27 PM
    A disgrace on so many levels.

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  • Charlie Sheen rant leads Dana

  • apolloa
    Mar 23, 09:16 AM
    Now if this guy is not leaving to retire. Then RIP Apple. Seriously, if Apple thinks I want my computer to resemble an overgrown iPad then they can loose my money and I'll be buying an Alienware.
    Microsoft seem to be the only ones that still get computers? Apple has done brilliantly as well but I really do worry that they have an itch to dumb them down to ridiculous levels!!

    Then again...... perhaps the man is leaving because he just is not comfortable with the talk from other employee's about where they want to take Apple after Mr Jobs leaves which is no doubt going to be very soon. I have a feeling they want to go in an entirely new direction..

    IMO you don't leave a massively successful company after 22 years without a reason unless your retiring.

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  • Google. emilio

  • dotnina
    Nov 10, 03:33 AM
    I was actually going to start a thread just like this! Great idea for a thread.

    Here's my list ... and yes, all of this is FREE (I read the name of the thread). ;) :D

    WireTap (http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/freebies/)

    Records ANY audio being played through your Mac. Absolutely ... anything. Very nice, simple interface as well.

    Streamripper (http://streamripperx.sourceforge.net/)

    Records songs playing through an internet radio station as individual mp3s. Keeps all the mp3s nice and neat and named for you, in a folder that you specify. Great way to discover new music / artists.

    Newsfire (http://www.newsfirerss.com/)

    The best RSS newsreader for the Mac I've tried.

    Quicksilver (http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/)

    Hard to explain, you just need to download it.

    Meteorologist (http://heat-meteo.sourceforge.net/)

    Best weather utility I've used for the Mac. Stays up in the top right corner of your menu bar, where it displays an icon representing the current weather (ie, raindrops), the location, and the temperature (mine says [Sun icon] Home 62). Click on it to get an extended forecast and more info.

    Genius (http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/21353)

    A must-have for students who use flashcards to review. Tracks your progress, quizzes you, teaches you.

    iTunes Monitor (http://www.ebyss.net/pages/software.html)

    Lets you know who's listening to your iTunes music on the LAN, as well as what they're listening to.


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  • Emilio was born in Staten

  • ozontheroad
    Oct 31, 12:27 PM
    I wonder if the Shuffle will ever have more than 2 gigabytes. It's form factor seems to limit it, not because there'll never 2 gigabyte storage that small (there will), but because you can't select songs. I wonder how useful a 10 gig Shuffle would be. (Maybe it would be useful... since I don't listen to music on "shuffle" very often, it doesn't appeal to me, so maybe I'm missing something.)

    But on the other hand, what can Apple do? They won't be able to make it much smaller (still needs controls and headphone jack).

    That leaves them with the only option being to make it cheaper.

    Feature-wise, I guess wireless syncing, as it gets smaller the dock is going to be smaller and smaller (the current version looks flimsy, like it wouldn't stand up or something.) But there's not much you can do with something with no screen.

    They have to do one (or more) of the following:

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  • Emilio Estevez, Sheen#39;s

  • Platform
    Oct 7, 01:19 AM
    Great, Safari needed new features, and it needs even more :D


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  • Emilio Estevez and Charlie

  • Peterkro
    Mar 2, 04:39 PM
    ^^ Israel 80,that chart I suspect jests.The numbers between U.S. and R.F. are about equal although both have only mothballed those they say have been decommissioned and could be brought back into service at any time.

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  • Emilio Estevez and Charlie

  • MacBytes
    Oct 13, 11:45 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: aMSN (for mac) forum opens (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20041014004555)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug


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  • Emilio Estevez as Two-Bit

  • miles01110
    Apr 23, 08:30 AM
    It's only valid in the US and Canada.

    d. This Plan is offered and valid only in the United States of America and Canada. This Plan is not offered to persons who have not reached the age of majority. This Plan may not be available in all states or provinces, and is not available where prohibited by law.

    From (PDF): http://images.apple.com/legal/applecare/docs/NA_APP_iPad_English_v1.2.pdf section 7d

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  • Brothers Charlie Sheen, left,

  • radioflyer
    May 2, 05:13 PM
    This is also the case in the UK. A patently ridiculous stance, given that there is a constant message given on TV and radio that there is a shortage.

    I've never been able to donate blood bc of this restriction. I do understand why this provision has not been changed. Though blood is screened, people still receive blood that makes them sick. It amazes me the screening process has not advanced enough to provide more blood.


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  • as Charlie Sheen, Emilio

  • DuFFy
    Jun 15, 11:35 PM
    I WOULDDD..but drexel is on break this week so im not around :rolleyes:

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  • As opposed to Charlie Sheen,

  • nathanschafer
    Apr 23, 05:10 AM

    I have noticed my iphone 4 gets hot after recording for more than 2 mins, and it also heats up when taking pictures. However, it only heats up towards the right of the front speaker (it heats up on the front top right corner) on the phone. It heats up on the front, where the camera is situated directly beneath it. It is not unbearably hot. Anyone else have this problem? Is this normal?


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  • quot;You know, Charlie#39;s 45 years

  • tekam
    Jun 22, 12:44 PM
    Hey i've been lookiong for a cable to connect my ipod touch to my tv so i can watch movies and such ... but i can't find any that doesnt costs to much ... anyone know where or what i should buy one ? thanks

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  • stridemat
    May 3, 05:08 AM
    The irony of a forum with a very large gay and bisexual membership to ask for blood donations is beyond ridiculous.

    Think this through, MacRumors, think this through.

    Why would it be ironic? Giving blood is a selfless act and anything that helps increase stocks is a positive.


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  • Charlie Sheen Expecting a Baby

  • quagmire
    Apr 14, 04:52 PM
    Both the Sonata and the Malibu fail if compared to the Fusion, here at least. It is not about having a V6, but paying more for a same size car with same equipment but with 170hp as compared to 245, the latter wins. Plus the current Malibu is ugly as hell, let's face it. The new one might change those figures though. And if Hyundai sold the 200bhp Sonata here, I am sure it would be a win, even costing more than a V6 Azera, which is ridiculous.

    While I don't know the market in Brazil, given the equal price of Fusion V6 vs LTZ I4 Malibu in the US market, most will opt for the I4 Malibu for fuel economy. Most people find 170 HP adequate here in the US.

    Though I don't for a mid-size. That is why I opted for the 3.6 liter V6 that makes 252 HP in my Saturn Aura XR. Although with fuel prices climbing higher, it is costing me $45 to fill up the tank. I could use the Volt right about now......

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  • Torrijos
    Nov 12, 02:57 AM
    Anyway, they might just be waiting for a Quicktime X upgrade in Lion.

    Then again the Mac Pro interfaces are on their last breath, LightPeak could prove really important in that industry.


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  • Martin Sheen and Emilio

  • bboyredcel
    Nov 22, 03:29 PM
    A convesation that bboyredcel had with himself.

    bboyredcel- Hi, I'm a stupid moron and I want to show people that I think I'm really cute.

    himself- Let's pretend you, bboyredcel, call Apple and ask them about the iPhone.

    bboyredcel- Yeah and I, bboyredcel, can pretend that I know more than the Apple Expert.

    himself- You could then threaten to purchase a competitor's product.

    bboyredcel- Yeah, I bet that would really upset him.

    himself- And while you're at it you can show the world or at least those who read this page, how stupid you really are.

    bboyredcel- What.

    himself- Well, everyone who reads MacRumors should know how Apple operates by now. You might as well be calling Apple about a rumored iPizzaMaker or something.

    bboyredcel- Really Apple is working on an iPizzaMaker.

    himself- God, I wish someone would just lobotomize me!

    that was... ummm... not good at all. it wasnt even a good attempt. so umm no.

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  • charlie sheen emilio estevez

  • vvswarup
    Mar 25, 11:50 AM
    Missed their chance when Apple didn't approve the improved Google maps app the first time it was available. Now it has improved even more while Maps.app has done nothing, and I'm sure Google has withdrawn the app now that they are doing their own phone OS.

    Come on Apple - give us a nice surprise.

    What you seem to be referring to is Google Voice. Google never developed turn-by-turn directions for iOS, and I don't think they plan to develop it. Google Maps gives Android a big competitive advantage, so I don't think Google is every going to port it over to iOS.

    Apple bought out Placebase and a couple of other mapping companies. It's time Apple put them to use and get away from as many of Google's services/apps as possible.

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  • Now that Charlie Sheen is

  • mlmathews
    Apr 13, 10:04 AM
    If the iPhone 5 is delayed as much as some suppliers are speculating ( in to next year ), the bright spot would be that the iPhone 4 price would likely get slashed to keep sales going. I'd still ride it out with my 3Gs though...unless I gave in to the temptation to try another platform.

    Feb 10, 07:42 AM
    Went to the store bumped down our plan from the 1400 min plan to 700 min. Now we have unltd to any mobile, inbound and out bound!

    Before I jumped on this I looked at all our device contact list and 90% are mobile numbers.

    Oct 12, 12:19 AM
    You likely broke one of the screen hinges. This is common with the emates.

    Here's a dissasembly guide if you ever feel ambitious enough to replace the part.

    Feb 9, 10:32 AM
    Why is a calling feature tied to a messaging one?

    Oct 10, 06:37 AM
    Bit of a scam that this isn't an upgrade from the Tweetie app.

    Dec 25, 10:00 PM
    sony HDR-CX110
    ipad 16g 3g
    zagg's invisibleSHIELD ipad screen protector
    zem gear shoes
    $25 itunes gift card
    $50 urban outfitters gift card
    $150 visa gift card
    $170 cash
    A few movies/blurays and some cds