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donald trump hair

donald trump hair. Donald Trump#39;s Hair
  • Donald Trump#39;s Hair

  • BillyBobBongo
    Oct 1, 03:36 AM
    Well it's a nice wet start to October in the UK, here's mine for now :)

    Sun is out today, and it's cold and crisp in Holland. Oooh, almost time for Bokbier! :D

    Original (http://wlogger.com/blue-water-wallpaper/)

    donald trump hair. donald trump hair piece.
  • donald trump hair piece.

    Nov 20, 05:35 PM
    Shaw Wu Is Super Lame

    donald trump hair. donald trump hair blowing.
  • donald trump hair blowing.

  • fivepoint
    Mar 2, 12:06 PM
    According to data on your first chart I'd say that corporate income tax revenues need to increase dramatically. Corporate income taxes only represent 9%(191 billion) of revenue yet individual income tax represents 41% (899 billion). Combine that with all the bailouts the government handed out to the banks and some corporations and I'm guessing the net rate might be close to 0%.

    I'm not saying individual taxpayers won't have to sacrifice in order to solve the problem, but I'm not sure why there are those that argue that no matter how many tax breaks corporations get or even government bailouts---that's its always the individual who has to pay.

    It's a policy based on greed straight from the richest people and companies in this country.

    Two things... first, higher taxes does not = higher government 'revenue.'


    Second off, corporate taxes are actually just taxes on consumers of their products. Companies simply pass these taxes along to their customers in the form of increased cost in the good or service they sell. There's no such thing as a corporate tax... it's just a disguised sales tax on consumers.

    Social Security is fully funded to 2037, will run a surplus at that point and is separate from the budget. The ACA is fully designed to lower health care costs and lower the deficit, something which the right consistently ignores.

    If the US were screwed, you wouldn't have countries queuing up to lend you money. Stop cutting taxes on the wealthy and pursuing unfunded wars for a start.

    The biggest problem I see with SS is that it's an unsustainable Ponzi Scheme which requires constant growth in population in order to sustain costs incurred by smaller and smaller groups of people.



    donald trump hair. donald trump hair piece
  • donald trump hair piece

  • Truffy
    Nov 11, 09:55 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.


    donald trump hair. donald trump hair in wind.
  • donald trump hair in wind.

  • zen.state
    Apr 11, 07:09 PM

    all sorted now!! 10.5 (thanks zen.state), extra internal sata cables , graphics card

    next stop? PHOTOS

    Am in London for a couple of days and will probably be a week before I have everything I need to complete my little MDD. Then I'll tidy up the wiring and get some shots done for you all.

    Thanks for all the help along the way boys & girls - I a happy man :apple::p:D

    Just wondering why you invested in a video card for a file server or did I miss a post where you said you wanted to do other things? If you are just doing file serving I recommend going headless as it will save power and money.

    donald trump hair. donald trump hair blowing in
  • donald trump hair blowing in

  • iJohnHenry
    Nov 9, 07:15 AM
    Mmmm, maybe they can convert liver cells, which renew themselves, to kidney cells. ;)

    Hey, arn, what do you think about that possibility??


    donald trump hair. It With Donald Trump Hair?
  • It With Donald Trump Hair?

  • iCaleb
    Sep 1, 01:13 AM
    Wallpapers found here http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=stream+of+light#/d1i9obp (http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=stream+of+light#/d1i9obp)


    donald trump hair. Donald Trump#39;s hair gets to
  • Donald Trump#39;s hair gets to

  • jag72
    Feb 12, 10:10 AM
    UPDATE: Spoke to ATT: If I add the unlimited M2M then I lose my Corporate discount...

    This does not sound right. I do not see any reason that you would lose your corporate discount for changing to a new feature. You may not get a discount on that feature but you regular rate plan should still receive the discount.


    donald trump hair. donald trump hair pictures.
  • donald trump hair pictures.

  • Dave H
    Apr 10, 12:37 PM
    They can also be flashed in a Mac, using a (Mac) PCI video card to provide video during the flash. That's what I did with my 9800XT.

    donald trump hair. Welcome to Trump International
  • Welcome to Trump International

  • munkle
    Mar 28, 12:52 AM
    Is there a way o still get the standard Wiretap program. All I can find is WireTap Pro, which costs $20

    You can download it from here (http://homepage.mac.com/WebObjects/FileSharing.woa/wa/default?user=drewbono&templatefn=FileSharing1.html&xmlfn=TKDocument.1.xml&sitefn=RootSite.xml&aff=consumer&cty=US?=en) :)


    donald trump hair. donald trump hair piece.
  • donald trump hair piece.

  • UTclassof89
    Mar 31, 10:28 AM
    Does anyone else think this is a desperate attempt by Adobe to stay in the tablet game? ...

    mmmm... no, only you.

    Why is it that every Adobe story on MR prompts the inevitable "Look how desperate Adobe is..." comment?

    Why would you NOT be happy they're taking the iPad seriously, and building a useful* app for it?

    *useful to the casual Photoshop user, rather than the professional, who needs the control only a mouse offers

    donald trump hair. donald trump hair
  • donald trump hair

  • bearbear
    Apr 4, 11:36 AM
    Verizon got rid of their annual upgrade entirely recently. Good ole competition.

    And the Thunderbolt has voice+data at the same time, for the poster above.


    donald trump hair. donald trump hair. donald
  • donald trump hair. donald

  • Vector
    Aug 13, 08:07 PM
    Very nice. I like the happy mac incorporation. The animation is nice, simple but clean.

    donald trump hair. Donald Trump Hair Blowing
  • Donald Trump Hair Blowing

  • iApache
    Aug 5, 02:41 AM
    ^ I like that, would you mind telling me how you got the dock like that? Ti have the black part cover the icons fully. I'm only now starting to mess around more with my mac, I just changed my dock to a glossy black. Thank you.



    donald trump hair. donald trump hair blowing. donald trump hair blowing in; donald trump hair blowing in. sammachin. Mar 18, 05:00 AM
  • donald trump hair blowing. donald trump hair blowing in; donald trump hair blowing in. sammachin. Mar 18, 05:00 AM

  • bombavich
    Jun 19, 07:29 AM
    Can't decide between here with the easy parking but longer queues or the many shops of middlesbrough and being stuck in town at hours I'd rather not.

    Was quite handy for the 3G launch

    donald trump hair. donald trump hair blowing in
  • donald trump hair blowing in

  • iGary
    Sep 24, 06:42 PM
    If he lived in my house, I'd say yes, with all the appropriate precautions, but I would have a talk to him about his attitude. It could be a symptom of a much greater problem.


    donald trump hair. Donald Trump#39;s Hair Festival !
  • Donald Trump#39;s Hair Festival !

  • itsmeGAV
    Feb 12, 03:08 PM
    where did you find wallpaper like that

    Google buddy, couldn't find the original link so I uploaded it..
    Here's the image.. (1440x900) ;)

    donald trump hair. be without the Donald?
  • be without the Donald?

  • toolbox
    Mar 26, 08:51 PM
    *Calls Judge Judy *

    donald trump hair. donald trump hair. donald
  • donald trump hair. donald

  • bigbadneil
    Apr 24, 04:41 AM
    Bump bmp

    Apr 30, 07:09 PM
    Another day, another new name. Hehe.

    Mar 25, 10:47 AM
    I'm getting more and more curious how iOS 5 will turn out. I dunno if these enhancements will make it in time for summer, but I'm imagining centralized voice control for doing everyday tasks, a la Siri.

    "Is it going to rain tonight?"
    "How is traffic? Find another route"
    "Book me a table for 2 at 7 tonight"
    "What movies are showing tonight?"

    These sorts of things should be accessible, and actionable, from the Voice Control interface. Apple did just add 20 new spoken languages to OS X :rolleyes: Perhaps it will be accessible as an API to third party developers. This would really change the way I use my phone, especially while on the road.

    Apr 19, 09:09 PM
    ^^^ Really? I think as usual it looks like a booring American car....

    Dave Braine
    Apr 27, 03:29 AM
    If you've imported video from tape onto your Mac, it will be DV(digital video), not avi.

    will it still suck?

    Don't know, give it a try and see.

    Sep 5, 06:37 PM
    It is done with the program Geektool. Have a look here (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=9077447&postcount=1618).

    Thanks bud