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  • wywern209
    Sep 11, 01:15 AM
    Thank you sir!

    Glad to be of help. Remember the mantra. If i ever need to find a pic, tineye.com is a god.

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  • MacRumors
    Nov 11, 08:51 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/11/11/jobs-reportedly-says-final-cut-update-coming-early-next-year/)


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  • aus_dave
    Aug 17, 09:07 PM
    I guess it looks a bit like it - never seen it before. I started with just the shark but then I thought he needed some prey (was going to go with a scuba diver but thought that was in bad taste :)).

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  • chrono1081
    Dec 26, 05:18 PM
    The IT department won't want macs, it will put people like me out of a job.

    I see a lot of BS in this thread and a lot of people pretending to be IT who aren't. As far as someone saying windows server 2008 is rock solid...I completely disagree.

    And whoever thinks Dell has great enterprise support I absolutely 100% disagree. Their support is freaking terrible and I love how they try and claim that they can't cover servers under warranty if the server is at an APO address. Dell is too stupid to realize any APO address, regardless of where it is at in the world is U.S. soil. /rant

    Anyway OP, windows generally dominates the enterprise world but it doesn't mean macs can't be used.


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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 2, 01:05 PM
    Is there a reason those charts in the opening post have to be so large?

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  • Acorn
    Dec 24, 04:33 PM
    i think i got a gps and a watch but ill tell you tomorrow =P


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  • Peterkro
    Apr 14, 05:28 PM

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  • palebluedot
    Sep 6, 10:22 AM
    Could I please have a link for that.

    Here is mine.
    http://cl.ly/339905165707a94aa406/content (http://cl.ly/339905165707a94aa406)

    What about yours? :P Mine is attached.


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  • robo
    Dec 25, 10:00 AM
    I've already been given these

    New Hockey Skates...

    Gaming PC Components....

    And Both Together...

    Flying Lessons And New Passport...

    Merry Christmas :D
    My son's CCM Crazy Lite's :) They freak'n ROCK...:D

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  • lvlarkkoenen
    May 2, 05:02 PM
    I don't think that I'm physically able to give blood.
    I had to get 2 of those small vials they use for blood tests, and I couldn't even walk and passed out. That is not a lot of blood.
    I don't weigh very much (107 lbs 5'8"). Is this normal or something about which I should be concerned?

    I'd say that is rather light indeed. If this is the only problem you experience with it, though, I'd say you needn't be too concerned. Just try to put on a few pounds in the long run, no biggy. And until then, your own physical health comes first.

    BIG thumbs up to MacRumors for doing this, and to all who donate. I've donated a few times, always got me feel sick for about an hour or so afterwards, sometimes more than others. Since it didn't seem to be decreasing after a few donations, I decided to not donate for a while. Actions like these get me to reconsider. Which is a good thing IMO.

    Edit: And as to the gay men being unable to: that sucks. I'm not wanting to get into the discussion, but I think I see where it comes from and I think it's kinda ********.


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  • R.Perez
    Mar 15, 09:00 PM
    Indeed, it's an odd juxtaposition. In order to not appear to be hypocrites on their budget reform, some Republicans may have to backtrack on all the moral rhetoric they use to defend the death penalty.

    If we are in such dire straits that we need to cut unions' collective bargaining in order to balance the budget, why should we need to spend tens of millions of dollars killing prisoners?

    Oh boy don't assume. Keep in mind, even with all these "much needed" emergency austerity measures, most of these states managed to give away billions in tax cuts.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Dec 14, 05:49 PM
    Where can I find this background?

    Here you go.


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  • RedTomato
    Sep 30, 01:41 PM
    Like most of you, my knowledge of Notes is about 10 years out of date, so I had a look at the wikithing


    Hmm, interesting read. Seems lots of updates recently. Gone from 43 million to 120 million users in the last few years. Quite impressive database based multi-channel document handling and communication app. Useful replication of databases so that work can be done offline, and updated when next online.

    Lots of gotchas tho, see the criticisms in the article. Notable that they only implemented a number-of-unread-emails count in the 2003 edition. :eek:

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  • PBF
    Apr 11, 02:02 AM

    Big freakin' deal.

    How about iOS 5 DP, huh.


    imagenes de amor tristes. versos de amor tristes. Poesias de amor tristes; Poesias de amor tristes. shelterpaw. Jul 20, 11:11 AM. I think Logic can only use two cores/processors with
  • versos de amor tristes. Poesias de amor tristes; Poesias de amor tristes. shelterpaw. Jul 20, 11:11 AM. I think Logic can only use two cores/processors with

  • pyrotoaster
    Aug 13, 02:41 PM
    Well, this is about the second thing that came to mind. ;)
    And, it's based off a real one dollar bill! (oooohhhh...)

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  • LaZyFLiP
    May 2, 04:59 PM
    Anyone try out this app yet? It's an application switcher that reminds me a lot of ProSwitcher. It only shows one card at a time though and you swipe up/down between apps as oppose to swiping left/right. It works pretty well but I think it's got some bugs as I'm having major memory usage and slight lag after activating it several times.

    Here's a video demo of it: http://youtu.be/lYWAmKJOesU?hd=1



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  • Full of Win
    Mar 25, 11:59 AM
    Well, actual road map data and satellite data is all provided by the governments. Street view I'm guessing is Googles only. But it would be nice to see a major improvement on maps and roads. Something seems to be missing and if anyone can take it to the next level, it's Apple. Glad to see something in the works.

    Notifications... sure, it would be nice to see better, but that's probably coming in iOS 5.0 anyways. Hopefully the first version of iMaps too.

    Actually, no its not all provided by 'the governments' . There are non-goverment owned sats that do it as well. There are several, but IKONOS, comes to mind at the moment. This is nothing new, its been this way for over a decade

    BTW, Apple could easily buy their own or purchase large blocks of time from one the imaging co's.

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  • d4rkc4sm
    Apr 27, 05:12 PM
    Why does it take a media storm for Apple to open up on an issue ? It would be so much better if they more forthcoming and frank before an issue snowballs.

    your mind is a place i wouldn't want to inhabit. your thought process is sad. i feel sorry for you.

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  • Wild-Bill
    Jan 10, 02:41 PM
    Best one in years...too bad they didnt release ilife though

    I, too, was expecting iLife 07. I've got two gift cards just waiting to plunk down toward the purchase of a new Mac Pro. Besides iLife, I was hoping for a Mac Pro refresh, including a better graphics card, and the dual quad-core option, so the prices of the other processors would fall.

    Sep 5, 07:11 PM

    Might seem boring but I really like it I am currently learning how to use geektool to make it look better

    Che Castro
    Apr 28, 08:53 PM
    You guys understand my question ?

    Oct 18, 07:47 PM
    Proteus 4.0b8 Released

    works great... always :)


    Apr 5, 11:13 AM
    I sold my iPad 1 to Gazelle.com to buy the iPad 2. Worked well for me and I would use them again.

    Mar 31, 05:29 PM
    Hey guys, my screen was full of fingerprints so I wiped it off with my shirt and now it feels sticky when swiping. I also didn't use any cleaning solution. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any ideas on how to make the surface smooth again?