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  • ritmomundo
    Mar 13, 04:27 PM
    Phones keep time while they're off. Phone's also don't check to see what time it is, every hour, they check when they're turned on. The network provides a fallback, but the phone should know what time it is, too. There's no excuse for Apple's spotty coding. None.

    Agreed. My macbook air correctly adjusted to the right time without needing an internet connection, so I don't see why my phone should rely on the carrier.

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  • Dreadnought
    May 28, 08:25 AM
    My mistake, this is better!!

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  • Abulia
    Sep 27, 10:48 AM

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

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  • maerlyn
    Jan 2, 08:00 PM
    Hi all,
    Does anyone have experience ripping audio from a concert DVD using VLC?
    Whenever I use VLC using the "Open Disc" from the File tab and choosing the "Quicktime" encapsulation and only checking the audio transcoding option to mp3 (video transcoding is unchecked) it gives me a large file with both the video and sound. I only want to extract the audio so that I can play it on my ipod. Any help?


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  • japanime
    Nov 12, 01:09 AM
    Therefore the average Japanese would pronounce 'lobster' with an 'L' but 'rabbit' would be pronounced 'labbit'.

    Actually, the English word "rabbit" is pronounced "rabitto" in Japanese, without any hint of an "l" sound.

    The Japanese "r" sound is not an "l" sound, but rather a short, rolled-tongue, nasal "dr" sound. (Imagine "drabbito," with the "dr" sound coming off the tongue very lapidly, er, rapidly.)

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  • Hodapp
    Sep 27, 09:00 AM
    I'm hoping to see those OpenGL improvements significantly boost my Quake 1 fps on my MacBook.

    I doubt a software update can magically change your crappy Intel 950 in to a worthwhile GPU.

    I keep waiting for one of these updates to properly clock the MacBook Pro's GPU. Now that is ridiculous.


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  • PODshady
    Nov 21, 04:28 PM
    This is a really cool idea

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  • Dracula77
    Apr 14, 02:14 PM
    Why is this considered NEWS? Let only a juicy RUMOR.


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  • fxtech
    Apr 21, 04:48 PM
    Ahh my wet dream of John Carmack and Steve Jobs on the same stage gets a little closer.

    A touchscreen is a HORRIBLE interface for an id game. Far worse than even a standard "stick" controller.

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  • wekes
    Sep 20, 09:42 AM
    Maybe I'm just too old school, but I'm a bit resentful of the fact that it's touted as a priviledge to have the opportunity to pay $2 to watch a missed TV show. I hope I'm wrong, but having joined the HDTV crowd about 6 months ago, I'm struggling to find a way to do what I've always been able to do for free in the past -- record a TV show at the same quality it was piped in to my home in the first place.

    Tivo isn't free either, I just can't justify paying the monthly subscription fee. Apple's solution seems to potentially cost even more. I don't see this as progress. :(


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  • grmatt
    Apr 5, 10:49 AM
    I'm guessing it's just a prototype of some sort. We know that Apple tests out many different variations of hardware.

    I'm with others in thinking that it would be inconvenient to have a capacitive home button for when it is accidentally pressed. My guess is that Apple knows this and has somehow figured out a solution, if this is indeed the direction they are going.

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  • stridemat
    May 2, 01:22 PM
    It's just that black is slimming. ;)

    wait till you see the new horizontal stripe iPhone.


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  • Waybo
    Mar 4, 10:27 PM
    I saw some of the difficulties in cropping this, and wondered if an oval crop would help. Once I started playing with it, then I started really seeing the ovals/circles: chips, cups, table, his hat, her glasses, tomatoes. And I saw the rectangles: floor tiles, trays, paper dishes. More contrasts! After experimenting with the oval crop, it felt right to put this within a rectangle frame --another contrast, and it makes me feel more like I'm sneaking a peek at this couple, as Keleko did when shooting this pict.

    What do you think?

    (Keleko: I saw some of your other flickr photos from this day. Some good candidates for the Surrealism contest!)

    I'll say this much: the challenges and the weekly contests are making me think about ... and see ... things differently!!! Thank you, all! (I think! Photos I loved a few weeks ago now look like garbage!)


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  • Goldinboy17
    Mar 24, 10:04 PM
    Just got mine fired up! Love it!

    Why would one jailbreak? What is the benefit? Just curious as I haven't updated yet. Thanks!

    I'm off to browse from the couch :)

    I specifically did it so I could install ZumoCast and use MyWi On Demand so I can tether to my iPad without significantly damaging my phones battery.


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  • rdowns
    Apr 27, 08:37 AM
    I am so disgusted with our media for enabling this jackass. Pretty much every thing out of his mouth is a lie. He flip flops on issues and the media ignores it.

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  • EJBasile
    Sep 14, 08:48 PM
    EJBasile: for the record, do you know what happens when you ask for extra anesthesia before surgery? :) ;)

    it's a rare moment that someone is awake through surgery. usually, i understand, it's a result of a specific patient's reaction to anesthesia, not the administration of it.

    of course, that didn't stop me from expressing my fears, the last time I was under :) the anesthesiologist was very thorough, he has clearly answered that question a lot.

    You can't ask for extra anesthesia. Unless you want a better chance of killing yourself. Anesthesiology is actually not exactly entirely a science, it has quite a bit of technique to it. You can awake from surgery if you have a reaction to it, but if you don't get enough, that can also make you awake. You aren't fully awake. Your conscious, but your movement is inhibited. Just like if you take 1mg of Alegra it won't do anything, but if you take 180mg of Alegra, it will work (unless it just doesn't work for you).

    There have been few reports of people remembering what happens though. For instance a lady getting her appendix out, another one getting her eye removed (thats gotta hurt), and another lady having some kind of tooth surgery.


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  • MacsRgr8
    Sep 27, 02:50 PM
    I don't know what to tell you. Couple days after I installed 10.4.7 , major issues happened on my quad. I end up with my computer at Apple for repair and 3 weeks later they figure out a combination of 10.4.7 and my GT7800 card were the issue.
    Now, I have a new GT card and I use 10.4.6. The kernel comes once a week. So the problem in some way still persist. I hope the new 10.4.8 will address this issue. If not I'll go back to Apple and request a new computer in exchange for the one I have.
    I don't know, I love my quad but I have to say I was pretty upset with this whole fiasco. I wish Apple had a loaner program for professionals using powermac. That way we can still productive while the computer is being repaired. I would not mind to pay a little more on applecare to get such a service.

    I have a Quad G5, GeForce 7800 GT, 4 GB RAM, and have had Mac OS X 10.4.7 installed on it ever since the update was available.
    I have had absolutely 0 problems with it!

    If this 10.4.7 update would have had a known issue with our setup, we surely would have known by now.
    You are sure no hardware can be faulty? Any 3rd party stuff? No bad RAM?

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  • fourthtunz
    Sep 15, 07:55 PM
    OS X is great, but if I can render something in 1/3 the time for 1/3 the price, what do you think I'm gonna choose? [/B][/QUOTE]

    Sounds like your not using X.2 or a New Mac.
    Why do you waste your time on here?
    Again, find a better deal than the New dual 867 on the Pc side, I'll buy it.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 8, 08:14 PM
    It's not the job of the government (or government funded agencies) to teach people how to not get knocked up and give out birth control. I don't have any objections to this. I don't pay taxes so Sally doesn't pop out another unit.

    But another unit is just what the 'system' requires of Sally, poor girl.

    You could do with a crash course in Economics, not that I agree with what they are trying to achieve.

    Apr 23, 03:48 AM
    This is the primary design flaw with the iPad. This tablet can't be the normal person's computer unless every normal person has a tech friend/relative to keep the tablet working/updated. So while Woz is correct that the tablet will be the normal person's computer, Apple's iPad is not yet that tablet.

    Same for all the iGadgets with an iTunes account attached. Why apple doesn't make the default behaviour "charge" not "sync" and then simply verify that it's not the same iTunes account and "do nothing" instead of the hassle of it hiding all your music if you plug an iDevice into a PC and you're mate decides to click eject for you if your charging off it.

    I can understand the need to only offer syncing on a device that isn't internet and wifi enabled because the only way of adding stuff to it is to sync to a computer but for all the other devices, it would be good if it was 100% self-contained.

    I'd have no issues getting a used Mac Mini then turning it into a media centre through an LCD TV at a later date because I eventually know a Mac Pro would be my best choice for running Pro Tools 9. Someone who just wants to listen to and buy music or video, send emails, view youTube clips and keep in touch on social networking sites doesn't necessarily need a computer when the iPad does it all. Apple could even offer a way of interfacing their external DVD from the Macbook Air with the iDevices so you can rip your own music to the device itself without even needing a computer.

    Apr 5, 10:18 AM
    Normal people disappoint me.

    Mar 24, 01:19 PM
    I bet Apple keeps secrets better than the Government....

    1. Touche
    2. I knew a Steve Sparks from Alabama. Is this him?

    Sep 17, 12:04 PM
    Sorry dude, all the lights are red at this intersection.

    Sadly, I agree. There are other possible explanations, but I'm afraid occam's razor (http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/OCCAMRAZ.html) applies here. ;)

    Mar 25, 02:18 AM
    The fact NO site has seemingly reviewed any of UBI's release is very suspicious about their quality.

    Is there a review Embargo in place I wonder?

    Yes until today. Lineup is quite weak as no Mario. Every Nintendo launch needs a Mario