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manny pacquiao wife

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  • xfusejc
    Oct 11, 05:05 PM
    Original please? :)


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  • ezekielrage_99
    Mar 22, 09:43 PM
    Then don't put it in the portfolio. If all you can do is one thing at a time, then yes a hole will appear. If you're a freelancer, you will NOT BE BLAMED for a company's evil doings. If you ARE blamed, you don't know how to pitch yourself.

    Ad agency specifically in Australia are an interesting thing, since it's a very small market it's very easy to be out of the system due to who knows who and who has worked for who. Nepotism at its worst IMHO.

    Never send a boy to do a man's job. Or, in other words, recognize the difference between yourself and what you're getting into. If you can't tell, then sayings such as, "in hindsight," will be in your future.

    That was the point of my initial posts, hindsight is 20:20, and learning off others experience/failures can be a good thing.

    Read: UP FRONT. Bedazzled for the maple table and view of the Meiji-jingu is just that - bedazzled. The problem was your lack of experience. **BUT** that would only be held against you if you couldn't EXPLAIN it. Now if you're talking about getting more work in Japan itself, then you'd better qualify your answers as such, because that is a different business culture.

    It was hardly being bedazzled by awesomeness or dealing on a different cultural level with Japanese business (which I have done in the past, funny story about curved edged business cards though...)

    Considering it was one of the largest web advertising companies in the Southern Hemisphere, hardly a player you'd expect to take a fall and be out of business within 6months of contracting there.... It had massive backing, a large list of clients, and employed well over 750 staff in Australia alone.

    If you're in a position to pick-and-choose, then either (a) you already know yourself, your talent, your work, and you are NOT the kind of person who the OP is, or (b) you need to go through the fire AND know how to learn from and explain mistakes.

    Though I understand where you're coming from, you also have to credit the fact there's an expectation of newbies to take every single job coming just because it pays rather than taking a strategic look instead of the day-to-day tactical vision.

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  • smiley100
    Mar 15, 09:32 PM
    I've just aquired two of those 3rd gen ipod touch prototypes with a camera built into and are working with developement software Switchboard Are these collectable items?

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  • temiller
    Dec 25, 01:37 PM
    $125 gift card to go towards Apple Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Mini DP - HDMI, and HDMi Cable
    3 $25 BP Gift cards (Used one already.. Whoops)
    $50 American Eagle Gift Card
    And so I had something to unwrap, Black and Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench.


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  • zen.state
    Apr 11, 07:09 PM

    all sorted now!! 10.5 (thanks zen.state), extra internal sata cables , graphics card

    next stop? PHOTOS

    Am in London for a couple of days and will probably be a week before I have everything I need to complete my little MDD. Then I'll tidy up the wiring and get some shots done for you all.

    Thanks for all the help along the way boys & girls - I a happy man :apple::p:D

    Just wondering why you invested in a video card for a file server or did I miss a post where you said you wanted to do other things? If you are just doing file serving I recommend going headless as it will save power and money.

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  • MCal27
    Nov 15, 06:34 AM
    I've mailed Steve twice over this issue. The last time with a link to a petition I started which got over 700 Signatures from Pro Users and Techies' : http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/applepros/ in just a few days. I got zero replies from anyone @ Apple regarding this, though I know for a fact that Apple are aware of it and quite high up the hierarchy too...


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  • Pacquiao, wife of Manny.

  • fussball
    Sep 20, 11:03 AM
    Hey all, currently I use an Apple 20" HD display with my 12" powerbook. I use a MacAlly iceKey keyboard, which I totally love except the white color does not match so well with the aluminium display and laptop. Anyone know of a good USB or BT keyboard that would closely resemble the actual keyboard on my PB?


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  • MacRumors
    Sep 26, 08:27 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Apple has posted a preview (http://www.mac.com/1/webmail.html) of their improved .Mac webmail service with a familiar feel.

    With its smart use of the latest web technology, it'll remind you of the Mail application on your desktop, with a simple and elegant interface, drag-and-drop capability, built-in Address Book, and more

    The new .Mac webmail looks like Mac OS X's Mail client with support for drag-and-drop, smart refreshes, built-in address book, quick reply and more.

    Apple's .Mac service is a US $99.95/year service offering web mail, and some Mac OS X integration.


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  • alphaone
    Feb 11, 07:40 PM
    nice. hey as long as you have permission to fold on those iMacs, we could use the points. the macbooks might not be worth it, depending on what they are used for.

    as far as a PC vs mbp, that's up to you. but those new intel processors sure do seem nice. what kind of pc did you have in mind for building?

    not a bad idea for keeping track of folding

    Yeah I have permission to use the iMacs, they're my dad's and brother's, respectively, and they're both into helping out with this project, as my dad's father died of alzheimer's and my brother had cancer recently.

    As far as the new computer goes, I will probably do one this year and the other the next, I just need to figure out which. The MBP would be a high end 15" i7 Sandy Bridge whenever those are ready. The PC would also be an i7 Sandy Bridge (2600k, probably overclocked a little) after the Sandy Bridge is ready again, with a GTX 570 most likely. Although I love building PCs I'm leaning towards getting a new MBP because I travel A LOT (literally half my year is normally spent away from home; I fly for an aerial mapping company) and I would really like to be able to play stuff like Civ V at good frame rates and would enjoy having a little bit more battery life for long airline flights. Not to mention the awesome cpu for compressing my blu ray collection and of course, folding. The kicker will be seeing how the specs for the new MBPs actually shake out, especially the gpu.

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Nov 29, 02:48 PM
    Uh, yeah. I remember back in the Napster days, when that was the only way to get music.

    It's a shame there weren't any record stores around back then, able to sell music on a form of portable media - sort of like those discs software comes on. You know, CDs. But for music! What a concept!

    Anyone who downloaded from Napster with the excuse that they couldn't find contect elsewhere (like via Tower Records and a CD ripping program) is just plain lame...

    "The severe beating of a Pokemon".
    I've never seen that song anywhere BUT on napster. Not that I've looked, but I didn't look for it on Napster either. Napster just has it more prominent.


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  • HeWhoSpitsFire
    Aug 17, 08:31 PM
    whoops, call me dislexic (?sp)

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  • MatthewCobb
    Oct 6, 12:36 AM
    I quite understand why the web designers are complaining about this - it means that users can screw up something they have spent ages sorting out. But that already happens - enlarge the text size/window size/screen resolution adn everything goes out of whack. You're not telling me that the pages are designed to look marvellous at every combination of the above?! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I hate doing web design. Paper doesn't have that problem - users can't fool around with the end product. But that's the way we're going, so you'd better get used to it, or move back into the paper industry...


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  • ann713
    Feb 16, 05:18 AM
    Not being douchey. I'm talking about models. You're a model for a reason no?

    Who said they were models? They're a girl band. Too bad the photo wasn't vastly over-photoshopped for your enjoyment. :rolleyes:

    manny pacquiao wife. Manny Pacquiao and wife
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  • romeo21
    May 5, 04:08 PM


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  • daneoni
    Oct 2, 09:38 AM
    You have mail

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  • Darth.Titan
    Mar 1, 12:22 AM
    You're going to have to be more specific. There's tons of "cool" javascript functions available, but what exactly do you want to do?

    Google is your friend.


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  • Doc750
    Feb 10, 07:48 AM
    Does this extend our contract?

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  • NZed
    Mar 7, 01:19 AM
    Why would you want to use ddr2 anyways? its slower, and more power consuming. If you have a lot, consider selling them. Or maybe build a Hackintosh with a second hand cpu with lots of ram

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  • rhender7
    Jul 10, 08:10 PM
    I work for an AT&T retailer and YES we do offer insurance on the iphone. ATT will NOT insure it due to the overwhelming demand for it, they would lose so much money forked out to ppl for stolen iPhones. Apple Care is NOT insurance it is just an extended warranty!

    Warranty covers only manufacturer's defects (which are very rare)

    Insurance covers a phone that has been lost, dropped, stolen, dropped in the toilet, any sort of physical or water damage! If you are lucky enough to get the iPhone for the subsidized price it won't happen again. If your phone stops working for or you break it or lose it you will be paying the "No commitment" price and in the case of the iPhone they are upwards of $399.99 and $499.99.

    Protect your investment for a fraction of the cost!
    $69.95 plus tax for one year of protection
    $119.95 plus tax for two years.

    If you have to file a claim there is a $50 deductable...
    With insurance:
    So if you get an 8GB iPhone for $199.99 and your dog eats it in six months you paid $199.99 for phone, $69.95 for insurance (one year coverage) and $50 for the deductable which totals $319.94 for two phones..

    Without insurance:
    $199.99 for 8GB iPhone and same scenario your dog eats it in six months you pay $399.99 for the new iPhone which totals $599.98 which is $280.04 more..

    This is all assuming that they will have the phones at $399.99 for the un-subsidized price.. Rumor has it that they will be higher if you have to buy a replacement phone (no commitment price)

    Moral of the story is INSURE YOUR PHONE!
    You must do it within 30 days of the original purchase!

    Information needed for insurance:
    IMEI# (serial # on back of iPhone)
    Receipt # for your purchase
    Cell phone number the iPhone was purchased on
    Email address (for email confirmation)
    Valid Credit or Debit card for over the phone purchase.

    After transaction we will provide you with a policy number and email confirmation. Following you will also get a hard copy confirmation in the mail.

    To sign up please call 801-652-3778 ask for Ryan

    May 2, 04:14 PM
    This is also the case in the UK. A patently ridiculous stance, given that there is a constant message given on TV and radio that there is a shortage.

    I have no problem with homosexuality, but it is a legitimate medical prohibition given the higher risk factors for blood disease. Straight men that sleep with hookers, and intravenous drug users are also banned on the same grounds. I genuinely don't believe it is a deliberately discriminatory policy, just the unfortunate scientific reality.

    May 5, 06:11 PM
    Apple TV Buyer's Guide? (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=314622&highlight=apple)
    Apple TV in Buyer's Guide (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=432976&highlight=apple)

    Feb 10, 03:47 PM
    Does AT&T now give A-list with the 700 minute Nation Family Talk plan? The website has a plus next to it indicating it does?

    Does anyone know for sure?

    Nov 11, 07:42 PM
    This seems to be a new thing with iTMS...


    Free mix records. I'm downloading this one now to check it out. Sounds interesting. It seems to be a 25 minute mix. :D :D :D

    Clive At Five
    Nov 29, 02:05 PM
    Acting is hard. [...]

    And teaching is easy??

    So what do you have against teachers making more? If teachers made more competitive salaries, there would be more competition for teaching jobs, thus leading to better quality teachers, ultimately resulting in better education.

    I'd rather spend an extra $100/yr for better teachers rather than helping to pay for Tom Cruise's 39 estates.