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  • immigrant2007
    09-10 01:16 PM
    If there are no I-485 pending for EB2 I/C then the demand goes to zero (unless DOS/USCIS uses pending I-140s to decide demand). And if demand < supply then the category goes to current (atleast per the explanation in the demand data document).And definitely if EB2 I/C folks post July 2007 are allowed to file I-485 then USCIS will realize demand is not zero but say 50K. Then again next month PD goes back to late 2007.

    I think visa numbers are assigned to I-485 before they are processed for demand data purposes, otherwise the demand data prior to CY 2006 for EB2 I will not be zero with some people with 05 PDs still waiting for GCs. But, again this is all speculation and the situation will be clear by Sep 2011 when almost all of EB2I/C pending I-485s will have been cleared.

    how many GCS does EB2 India have oer year (quota only)
    How much time is DOS taking to approve accept and process 485 (adjudication time for new 485s)?

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  • Tito_ortiz
    02-28 01:04 PM
    Unfortunately, Obama is not changing much. The mortgage bailout is just a show. Almost irrelevant.

    What a lovely change. Every time Obama and his press Secy opens their mouth, markets dive into red. In this country Main Street and Wall Street are in bed with each other :-)
    Obama with his sense-less economic policies, trying to separate Main Street from Wall street. Government needs to seriously lure the investors to the market , cut capital gains and taxes, take off protectionist hats and recover the economy. Then Obama can go with his socialist/populist agenda but certainly this is not the right time.:D

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  • chennaikar
    03-31 12:20 PM
    In the USCIS Ombudsman Report In the USCIS Ombudsman Report http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/CISOMB_Annual_Report_2007.pdf
    On page 52 it mentions
    The Grand Total of Employment Preference Numbers Available for Recapture is shown as 218,759 (not 268,759), since it reflects subtraction of 50,000 numbers already recaptured from FY 01 through FY 04.

    Also there is a break up of per year unused visa numbers from 1992 till 2006.

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  • varshadas
    02-08 08:23 PM
    Its OK either way. Everyone is not needed. It does not matter if you are not from the district. If you can't make it, don't sweat it. Hemal is coming. Two of us should be OK.

    Btw, what happened to the flyer distribution at Metropark?



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  • MahaBharatGC
    10-22 04:40 PM
    All - plz take it easy as this is solely individual opinion.

    When a country is prospering means the jobs are getting created. That is what happened until Clinton Era. But I know that this cannot be forever. Every field is going to reach the peak, falls back and hopefully straightens.
    Our IT field is somewhat dependent on other industries to create jobs. So, if other industries are all shipping the operations to foreign soil or loosing steam due to competition in free trade how well a country can prosper. You cannot have 100% service oriented country...it is only possible for small countries like Singapore...but not for big countries like US of A where they have plenty of land.
    So, my point here is if you want GC you should have job now (EBn) and future. So, if jobs are getting created then you will have job today and tomorrow too.
    So, simply saying "I support immigration" does not mean anything. It could be a REAL political statement like our famous Indian politicians. So, at this time I do not believe nobody as this is all still nacent. once someone takes office, we should be ready to push with our goals in mind.

    It is good to debate between one another but let us have plans to how to deal for our existence...

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  • Abhinaym
    09-10 10:50 AM
    How many posts are required to access chat feature?

    50, it said on the log in screen.


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  • pdaug2002
    03-17 10:34 AM
    EB3 - India
    PD : Aug 2002

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  • rayen
    04-01 06:18 PM
    Does anyone have the format of the employment letter? My attorney didn't request one even when I emailed him few time.

    Form I-140 has an area to write the wages per week? The amount my attorney wrote is wages for the year. Is this ok?

    Thank you.

    USCIS � Texas Service Center
    Attention: I-485 Unit
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1488

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This letter is to confirm our intent to continue employing Mr. XXX on a full-time basis of 40 hours per week as an Oracle Systems Analyst with a wage of $XX.XX per hour upon obtaining his U.S.Permanent Residence. All of the terms and conditions of the employment-based labor certification continue to exist.

    As an XXXXXX, his duties entail:

    Job description( Detail)


    Name and Title of Signer


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  • lvinaykumar
    05-21 10:15 AM
    Congrats, Please keep supporting IV

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  • pd052009
    03-22 06:29 AM


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  • eilsoe
    02-27 11:34 AM
    actually my benches are just a series of boxes rotated into place and grouped =)

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  • chanduv23
    02-15 06:57 AM
    I moved to a desi consulting company after I got layed off in 6th year of h1b. Things have worked out well after that and I got extensions as well as good salary everything is good, 140 approved, paperwork excellent etc.... But recently I asked my lawyer for a copy of my L/C and i 140 petition and she refused to give, then my employer requested them to give it to me. They gave it but they started picking me for no reason, they got into a verbal rift with me and finally I had to talk to my employer and we deicded not to use their services anymore just for my case, because my employer was bullshitting to me that "Chandrakanth" is the only person having problem with the lawyer so "Chandrakanth will have a different Lawyer".
    In general, there will be similar problems to any consultant, in my case, just the fact that my employer does treat me a bit fair and is willing to help.
    So when you deal with consulting companies, be careful, not all employers will tend to support consultants.
    I am now looking for an excellent lawyer who will straighten out things in terms of documentation and avoid mis representation of facts on my petitions (485 - long way to go). Till date, my current lawyer considered me a pain only because I was going over every petition of mine checking for discrepencies and they were not comfortable about it.
    In general - based on what is going on in background during retrogression, consulting companies are under extreme sccrutiny for mis representing facts, so follow up ur petitions carefully.


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  • chanduv23
    03-17 10:08 AM
    Substitute labors for EB2 should not IMPACT the delay more than 3 to 6 months. The reason is total EB2 labor india cases approved in 2004 itself is 3500(Straight out of DOL database, published on this forum last year). Some of these cases may have been substituted, worst case, lets say 100% of them applied to I-485. Now the number is 3 times that of 3500. that is 10500(including spouse and 1 child on average).

    Another thing you need to consider is If anycase had a PD before sept 2004 and was filed for I-485 before July 2007. That must have got the approval unless there was a namecheck delay.

    That should reduce the number to half., 5500(including dependent cases). This is my educated guess, Please dont pick on me. It wont help anybody.

    Below are 3 categories left as per my analysis....

    1) the applications filed in or after july 2007 OR
    2) applications had a PD after sept 2004
    3) Namecheck delayed cases.

    Chances are that the volume of Subsitutions and porting PD is massive in July , 2007. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry filed for 485 at that time. News spread like wild fire about the availability of visas and lawyers and consulting companies wanted to do maximum utilization and maximum business. People applied substituted labors for their cousins, friends etc.... and got EAD and AP, May not be working for the sponsering employer.

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  • kicca
    09-28 02:21 PM
    just found this interesting link about doing business in the world


    it's on worldbank.org


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  • vin13
    03-09 12:22 PM
    This is horrible. Does not make much sense.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-10 12:32 AM
    Do you know that July 1st was a Sunday? A non-working day.

    Harra Patta,

    It was Sunday for you and me and for all on this forum but USCIS worked on that Sunday .. Seems to be weird.. Hunh :eek: Yes, but what can you do now?


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  • GCKaIntezar
    02-21 11:14 AM
    Sorry I had 2/26 as Sunday in my previous post.

    Thanks Sekar, please bring as many friends as you can. I plan to be there around 3:30pm.

    Hi Guys when are you meeting in Durga temple Let me know I can come with some of my friends

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  • imv116
    04-04 11:05 AM
    Well, if we start to talk what is ethical and unethical. The entire immigration system and IT consulting is unethical.

    That�s the down side from the client side on going for consulting and contracting. Every wise manager knows that! If every one were to hire full time, no matter H1B, EAD or PR, we wouldn�t be in the situation looking for a new assignment.

    I agree that it is unethical on there part, but there is a much bigger unethical part on the part of the client companies for not hiring new grads and willing to train them in the areas of there business. New grad hiring doesn�t happen here as it happens in India.

    Simply putting it, they don�t have a choice.

    House wives with EAD�s and PR cards have started to get into contract jobs with 5-6 years of experience. Most of them are probably not even academically CS educated. Forget about the huge career gap they have.

    No one, be it experienced or new grad likes to be code striped at client place, but for some one who is willing to take that risk of humiliation, I see nothing wrong in taking such a step to advance there career.

    But there should be an optimal level that one should project them selves too in order to be accepted, can manage to get a decent time to learn things etc.

    Also, client companies if they are serious should be more careful by calling for an on-site interview and testing them on the basics with a written test.

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  • rajuram
    11-13 12:17 AM
    Very good ideas (if some one in the core is listening...). When approaching Zoe, we just have to let her office know that by speeding up GC approvals, they will help the poor housing market. Trust me, they will listen.

    We should do something like this ..

    I hear Pelosi is asking for Lameduck session next week. Also heard somewhere that in order to start Lameduck session on any monday they need to send invitation to lawmakers by mid of week earliar than that monday. Haven't read so far that they will do lameduck for sure.

    Pelosi is relying on Bush to give assurance that he will sign bailout for auto makers.

    Anyway.. in any case if there will be session in Nov then we should see solid news 3-4 days before it. Once we get confirmed news about Lameduck session

    (1) Senior members or Admins can contact Zoe's Office and find out if she is willing to push for HR 5882. If she says no and wait for some time then we can go to media awareness route and wait for some time.

    (2) If she agrees I will make a list of all members of Judiciary committee whom we can start calling.

    (3) Also we can have list of member of house and senate whom we can call.

    (4) Meanwhile we will start a new funding drive along with call campaign. People will be motivated to donate if they see some movement. If we ask for money right now even 1 or 5 USD no one will donate it but once they see some movement people starts giving money.

    (5) IV core team can ask support from competeamerica and other group.

    (6) Other members who are in media industry can make awareness in media about our case with housing crisis.

    03-13 11:51 AM
    Has any one working on EAD experienced delays in renewals and how does HR department react to such delay's. Least on H1 it is clear that you can work for 8 months on receipt.

    where I work one of two things happen:
    - HR department is clueless about EAD expiry date, so people can continue to (illegally) work once EAD expires before the new EAD comes. Or they can choose to tell HR and stop working.

    - If hte case is handled by company attorneys (some AC-21 folks have stuck to their own attorneys), then company attorney sends a mail to HR saying its illegal for tha tperson to work starting from so-and-so date, and that person is put on unpaid leave starting that date.

    File the extension as soon as possible (120 days) and then start praying you get it before th eold one expires.

    10-26 10:24 AM
    Eb3 India
    PD- Jan 2004