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  • TheOnlyJon
    Sep 14, 09:22 PM
    Looks like a Dragonfly Larva (http://clean-water.uwex.edu/pubs/clipart/images/CRITTER/large/DragonflyLarva.jpg) to me. :)

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  • tim2006
    Apr 15, 12:08 PM
    what happened to the final product?

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  • cbrain
    Jan 9, 01:30 PM
    I'm going up to London very soon...I was going to buy iLife 07 from the Apple Store! Oh well.....

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  • Patmian212
    Dec 4, 06:47 AM
    I also have win. 98. if you would rather have that..., or i can just re-format the drive... up to you
    I will think about it.

    Adamjay-I dont think I can afford it.


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  • darkwing
    Mar 27, 10:55 AM
    Aw man :(

    I would love, love, LOVE to help. But I'm so time-strapped right now I'm not even keeping up with Nintendo Players adequately. Part-time IT job + student = suckage.

    Quit your whining... I did full time work and full time school! I took 9 classes (1 independent, 4 online, 4 in class) one quarter to boot! :P

    Jimmi, I'd volunteer but I've got to study for an exit exam in May that I didn't pass because of what I said in the previous paragraph. :P Plus I have this pesky full time job. :P

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  • harry*333
    Jun 6, 07:50 PM
    What does this have to do with macrumors


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  • drew0020
    Jun 18, 10:31 AM
    The southpark mall in Charlotte NC opens at 6am and only one door opens at that time. So I am getting there around 5:30am. Maybe I'll get lucky and no one will show up that early :)

    Make sure you give us updates on the line :) I will be there between 7-8am if AT&T screwed up my pre-order...

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  • torbjoern
    Feb 19, 06:25 PM
    I don't know how much my head weighs. Can I break the screen? I can put the laptop in my backpack, its mesh and only has a padded back.
    The screen can break at the :apple:-logo because the curve of your head might put point-pressure on it - unlike flat books that put pressure on the entire surface of the machine (more or less evenly).


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  • PhatBoyG
    Oct 22, 09:56 AM
    I'll probably come in just to score a free shirt and watch the hype unfold.

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  • shoewee
    Oct 24, 11:56 AM
    I'm in Royal Palm, work in wellington. If I can scrape together the cash, I'm gonna get a copy of it too! :)


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  • jgo78
    May 4, 06:43 PM
    Just wondering!

    i went to fairview mall today, they have the i7 but no 2gb video. I ordered one online.

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  • lasteve
    Jul 9, 06:33 PM
    k great if you can, please give us a heads up as too how many heads there. By the way what time are you going?


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  • Zermelo
    May 5, 07:47 PM
    Can u receive replies?

    It's just like normal texting, you can send and receive.

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  • Taustin Powers
    May 18, 01:50 AM
    Hmm. Could be interesting. There are a lot of crap games on PSN though, so you never know how good your options will be every month. Really, I don't think I have bought 12 PSN games since launch... :rolleyes:


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  • bluap84
    Feb 23, 07:12 AM
    Nothing stops them from trading with you as a free-lancer� and as far as HMRC is concerned as long as you pay yoru taxes�

    Anyway. To start up here's a decent link with good info.
    Good luck�

    hmm i shall have to see about that...thanks for the info
    this will pass the time at my current job zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol

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  • Cabbit
    Mar 15, 06:08 AM
    Thanks for the suggestions so far, seems to be quite tricky to get this.


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  • Young Spade
    Apr 14, 11:53 PM
    Unfortunately i would go ahead and say to see if you could get a new macbook. Of course you should bring it to an Apple store and see how much it would be to get them to fix it... if it isn't too much I'd get it fixed but... the MBPs are really nice.

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  • MacGeekJunior
    Mar 13, 03:20 AM
    How do install lion on a external?

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  • hatersgonnahate
    Apr 18, 10:03 AM
    I know I'm not the only one with this issue :(

    Jan 20, 08:56 PM
    Offers the sky.
    Delivers?... not much. I could NOT get it to work.

    Nov 4, 02:32 PM
    Looking for feedback on the new 23" Aluminum Cinema Display.

    Who has one?
    Are you having any problems with backlighting or pink tint?


    Jun 18, 05:43 PM
    Do you know anyone who was there last year? I was wondering where people line up since the mall is closed that early in the morning.

    Jul 5, 11:57 PM
    Thanks I'll try some and let you know. If anyone ele has ideas please let me know.

    Nov 27, 01:48 PM
    Try using passive mode. Issue "pasv" or "passive" in the command-line or find this option in your GUI clients.thanks for responding. yeah i checked the connection settings in 'Preferences'. Its already in Passive mode.