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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 10, 05:06 PM
    They make not tinker with it too much, though they did try to take it a bit down market in its last revision. They may just stick to the four door sedans, since they tend to be the biggest sellers. The ironic part is that people laughed when VW tried to move upscale in the 90s, more into the luxury market. Now people are giving them flak for trying to make their stuff more affordable.

    Back in the 90s, auto magazines in the US criticized the Jetta for being too small (similar criticisms were leveled at the underrated Mondeo sold here as the Contour). I always like the in-between size of the Jetta, but apparently most Americans prefer larger cars.

    I would like to think I'm wrong, but most Americans seem to correlate size and quality, i.e. bigger cars are better. People can't understand why anyone would buy a smaller car when a bigger one could be had at the same price.

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  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 27, 12:39 PM
    Not gettin' it: people are afraid of THE GOVERNMENT getting the data, through whatever means. Most people don't give 2 craps about specifically Apple having the data.

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  • vincenz
    Mar 25, 07:25 PM
    The maps app is one of my most-used apps. Hope they can make it even better. Though I don't know how they would do it without building on google's data.

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  • Burger Thing
    Nov 12, 03:14 AM
    That is really great news. Yes, it could be a bit more polished and brushed up, but after playing around with Adobe Premier for a while I have to say I still like FCP better.

    Can't wait for the new version - bring it on :D


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  • Full of Win
    Apr 28, 07:43 PM
    Looks like Apple picked on the wrong company. Give em' a bloody nose Sammy.

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  • GGJstudios
    Oct 18, 05:59 PM
    October Desktop Thread 2010 (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1023594)


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  • HexMonkey
    Nov 6, 03:04 AM
    Just added a Templates help page which describes the use of each template and where to place them. Hopefully it will be useful reference material.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 17, 05:07 PM
    (all straight guys except for me)

    A surprising, but welcome, twist.

    I thought it was the frigid version of your floor-hockey league. ;)


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  • Wiggleforce
    Sep 1, 02:58 PM
    Yes the icons, dock are from DA in the link at the bottom of page1, the indicators are called willow from DA and check your inbox. <<or send your mail and I will drop the WP as to my knowledge the author has not yet released it.

    oh thank you! heres my e-mail! Wiggleforce-laptop@hotmail.com

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  • muya
    Sep 29, 10:05 AM
    I know it's a pain, but if you sit through the .mac seminar at an apple store, they offer it to both new and existing customers for $69. That's what I've done for the past two years.


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  • jmor
    Sep 2, 10:24 PM


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  • fireshot91
    Dec 25, 05:53 PM
    A hoodie,

    $50 best buy gift card (Any ideas on what to buy..i have pretty much everything I need/want..)

    $50 American Express gift card.

    From friends:

    One of those huge Gummy Bears (It's the size of my hand..)
    A T-Shirt.


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  • MattG
    Oct 2, 12:50 PM
    Are they going to make it so the ***** "Synchronize Address Book" feature works? That's one feature that I'd like to be able to use and has NEVER worked on the Mac (you click it and it does nothing).

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  • fireshot91
    Dec 25, 05:53 PM
    A hoodie,

    $50 best buy gift card (Any ideas on what to buy..i have pretty much everything I need/want..)

    $50 American Express gift card.

    From friends:

    One of those huge Gummy Bears (It's the size of my hand..)
    A T-Shirt.


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  • JNB
    Jan 10, 08:56 PM


    $45 to $1895.

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  • teacher13
    Apr 7, 08:24 AM
    I can't import my movies into imovie from my sony hd video camera! Is there a program out there that will assist me with this? I read in the manual that it is only allowable via windows. There has to be something to work with this, right???


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  • WildCowboy
    Dec 16, 04:23 PM
    Nice idea, but you can't really read the text. It's probably clear to most people what you're doing, but the font and size of the "Mac Rumors" isn't clear enough.

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  • wjlee91
    Feb 11, 01:19 PM
    Oh really..... 550 family plan works fine lol.

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  • kazaam93
    May 6, 10:48 AM
    Bump. Anyone else not get this?
    It happens to me for one website randomly, usually doesnt matter what site but whichever site, i cant access it for a couple of minutes and its really annoying!

    Sep 1, 09:05 AM
    ^ nice


    May 6, 07:33 PM


    Nov 20, 04:22 PM
    Sweet. But, there's more to just piggybacking on your mac's airport connection to make calls. I think more has to be done to make this networking possible.

    Yes, I wasn't clear on that. I was envisioning a software stack on the Mac that would help the iPhone make a call, do the NAT-busting, browse the local iTunes store, etc. 802.11n is going to be necessary to reach the far ends of most homes.

    I don't know that 802.11n low-power silicon exists yet. There are a couple folks here would would though.

    Nov 10, 01:58 AM
    Okay here's the single coolest program ever. It's so cool that Apple should have thought of it.

    Delicious Library (http://www.delicious-monster.com/)

    Agreed that this app is definitely worth checking out, if only for the amazing more-apple-than-apple GUI! But as DR Q pointed out before this is a thread for freeware apps and at $40 Delicious Library doesn't quite fall into that category.

    Nov 20, 02:15 PM
    Wow, that is one nasty Danish mockup. I hope it won't look like that.:eek:

    Here's actually a nice touchscreen iPhone mockup:
    I've been in many debates with people about the iPhone and I've always been on the side that Apple just shouldn't do one. Everyone always says that it would sell like hot-cakes because it would be an Apple phone, but my stance has always been that it would have to run on a particular carrier.

    But lately I've been thinking about this and what if Apple bucked the system a little. They made a phone which connected directly to your computer and you downloaded the correct carrier setting to. So if you used Verizon, all you had to do is in setup select Verizon or Sprint....

    I feel that one of the big problems with mobile phones is the computer connectivity has always been an afterthought, mainly because they're not computer companies. But what if Apple created a new iApp which managed the phone (ran on both Windows and OS X), which made the connectivity easy. This is basically what happened with the iPod.

    Would the carriers care that a generic iPhone ran on their network, maybe the stupid ones, but in the long they're lives would be easier, because they wouldn't have to market the phones, just their service (which is where they really make their money).

    I also like the idea of using the click wheel to make a retro style digital-rotary phone. However, I doubt Apple would just display the numbers on the screen and not on the unit. So when in dial mode, you would spin the click wheel and the numbers, displayed on the display in a circle, would highlight the number that you were on and then click the center button on the click wheel to select. If you wanted to get really old school, you could have the rotary sounds come through the headphones. Or course you would still be able to dial by your address book or search through a downloaded version of the white or yellow pages (which would naturally sync into your phone whenever you charge it at home, via blue tooth or direct connection to your computer).