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tammy blanchard hedy larue. Jack La Rue
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  • jondob
    May 6, 09:44 PM
    it's pretty pathetic that you aren't taking the advice that you obviously don't wanna hear but NEED to hear. if there was another reason for it, someone would have helped you BY NOW. but you know what, nobody has. so how about you be on your way, to the damn store.

    I never said I wasn't taking the advice you dumb twat

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Jack La Rue
  • Jack La Rue

  • skiltrip
    Sep 25, 02:08 PM
    They already do look alike. Honestly, most average people won't know the difference. I've already had people ask me if my new touch is an iPhone.

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. and Robert Blanchard III,
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  • harpster
    Apr 7, 05:55 AM
    I only had a few minutes this morning to look at this but I believe the main problem is your not calling the "mail" command. You have this line but it's not doing anything as it's just a variable...

    $success = mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $body, $headers);

    If you just use this it should work...

    mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $body, $headers);

    You may have other things to work out but this should send the email massage and you should be able to retrieve it at info@avenue19ni.com.

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Labels: 1940s, bizarre, hedy
  • Labels: 1940s, bizarre, hedy

  • Raid
    Dec 22, 02:51 PM
    Originally posted by Sun Baked

    Only if it was a bluetooth decoder ring :D Then I could get messages like "Be sure to login to Spymac" wirelessly

    People will buy anything won't they?


    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Hedy Lamarr in The Strange
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  • Stormbringer
    Oct 21, 06:11 PM
    Guitar music as in "solo guitar" or "songs with vocals accompanied by guitar"?

    I don't like Andy McKee by the way. Yes he does some special tricks (which are not extremely difficult to duplicate), but musically it's nothing imho. If you want a real genius musically and technically try Tommy Emmanuel! :)

    You'd like my band too by the way, it's like Rodrigo y Gabriela, except on steelstrings and more different influences (not so concentrated on Spanish). And, we try to sing as well! Shame we still haven't recorded our songs yet.

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  • Counterfit
    Sep 27, 01:00 AM
    Well, good news from me. My latch problem pretty much disappeared today. I don't know what happened, the last time I closed it was Monday, and then bam, today it works. So the only problem left now is speakers. That and lack of sleep :D.


    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Tammy Grimes is nothing if not
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  • jefhatfield
    Jan 28, 01:03 PM
    and way into high posting, one can be a 601 at 5,000 posts

    i don't know what the next level will be or at how many posts

    it could be the 602, which was not a widely used processor, or the more common 603...but then i wonder if the 603e will be another level or if arn decides the person is a 604...of course, there was the 604e after that

    and after the 6xx levels, there is the G3, G4, and G5 and it's a mystery where those sit at

    and is there a G6??

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Tammy Grimes
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  • Komentra
    Jan 29, 07:52 AM
    He's very sure, as am I. When you edited the hosts file, you pointed iTunes to the Cydia SHSH cache server where your 4.1 blobs are stored. There is no way to downgrade a iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G, or an iPod Touch 4G without these blobs. You can downgrade an iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G and 8Gb 3G using this method. Because they use "soft" SHSH blobs which can be overridden.

    Ah, okay. I must of been misinformed. I was thinking by editing the hosts file that just denied the apple server's access. I had no idea it connected to Cydia.


    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Rob Blanchard, President and
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  • amols
    Sep 29, 01:26 PM

    Yeah...and it shows 147MB for Intel in Sofftware Update..downloading it now from software update.

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Turban Thursday
  • Turban Thursday

  • GFLPraxis
    Apr 9, 02:53 PM

    We've just learned that Apple has ordered the app developer of a Web browser for iPhones and iPads to disable vital functionalities in the two devices. The gatekeepers at the iTunes store, which sell the highly-rated German browser iCab, ordered it to disable all Javascript code in iPads and iPhones.

    Terribly, terribly deceptive summary. Apple requested they remove JavaScript ADDONS, not remove JavaScript functionality which is still carried out through WebKit.

    Still stupid though. Didn't realize iCab had this functionality. Would be cool for Javascript injection xD


    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Pillow Talk
  • Pillow Talk

  • brentsg
    May 6, 01:48 AM
    wow I am surprise to see this.

    Thanks for all the help. I downloaded the iStat program and found that the highest temp is around 40 to 50 degree C. I thought that's not normal and worry that it will hurt the inside components.

    I will try to put my macbook with more load and see if the temp goes up even higher. I am surprise macbook has such high temp as I never experienced this type of heat when using other brands of laptop! :(

    40-50C is nothing, honestly.

    Most likely you never bothered to measure the temps of your other laptops. You'd be surprised...

    You now have a GPU/CPU combo in one die, as well as turbo automatically over clocking cores as well. Both will tend to yield higher temps.

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. and the ultimate Hair
  • and the ultimate Hair

  • bripab007
    Mar 14, 10:12 AM
    If you've never used Cydia or TinyUmbrella to cache her iPad's SHSH files, having the 4.2.1 firmware on-hand will do you no good, as (I believe?) Apple has already stopped signing the 4.2.1 firmware.

    If that's the case, you can only restore to 4.3.


    tammy blanchard hedy larue. A Flawed Equation
  • A Flawed Equation

  • TheAnswer
    Jan 9, 01:34 PM
    It's possible that some of the newer iLife and iWork features will require Leopard.

    Also possible that they might announce them all together at a later date, and perhaps even sell a bundle package that includes iLife, iWork and Leopard at a slightly reduced price. I think they might do this just to make iWork more attractive to those that don't buy it now.

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Don#39;t Call Him Shirley
  • Don#39;t Call Him Shirley

  • THX1139
    Jan 26, 02:44 AM
    Look for the easy button under the type menu. Seriously, selecting the correct type to go with a mark, or use as a particular style is specific to what you are trying to say. Your question implies that you don't know what you are doing. Why don't you prove me wrong and post some examples of your work that includes type you think works... and type that doesn't.


    tammy blanchard hedy larue. brilliant Tammy Blanchard
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  • walangij
    Feb 11, 12:35 AM
    What's everyone's favorite CMS and what kind of CMS do you have? Recently I've been taking web development more seriously and have been working primarily with Drupal. I really enjoy Wordpress though and find it much easier to teach a client how to use WP3 compared to D7. I've never tried Joomla, and have been seeing what all the fuss is about RoR a couple years late :p.

    My next personal project is a niche community site, trying to decide what would be the best fit. I know another drupal developer who has much more experience, but we don't know if it'd be the ideal platform for what we want to create.

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Blanchard is absolutely
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  • Sweetfeld28
    Jan 13, 12:02 PM
    Personally i think that they both should just play nice.

    I mean why doesn't Apple just do what they did with the Apple TV. Throw the Apple Logo in front of it. Then Linksys should do the same.

    Digg this:

    Cisco lost rights to iPhone trademark last year, experts say. (http://blogs.zdnet.com/Burnette/?p=236)

    Cisco claims Apple created phony company to sidestep iPhone trademark. (http://money.canoe.ca/News/TopPhoto/2007/01/10/3279889-ap.html)


    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Hedy Lamarr in The Strange
  • Hedy Lamarr in The Strange

  • CanadaRAM
    Dec 11, 12:37 AM
    Hoo boy.

    There is no such thing as a Zip or a Jaz drive that comes native with Firewire, or USB 2.0. (theoretically, someone may have put an IDE drive into a Firewire box, but I don't know if the drivers would support that.)

    The iomega Zip is a flexible vinyl disk cartridge, and came in two versions, 100 Mb and 250 Mb. Althought the 250 can read and write 100 Mb cartridges it is deadly slow doing so. Zip drives came in Internal and External SCSI-1, external parallel (PC) interface, internal ATA and IDE (the early ATA internals are not Mac compatible) and external USB-1. External Zip drives only have one interface -- Either SCSI OR USB, not both.

    The iomega Jaz is a hard-platter disk cartridge and came in two versions, a 1 Gb and a 2 Gb. Most Jaz drives are external, and have a SCSI-2 connector (high density) I have never seen a USB Jaz. Zip and Jaz are completely incompatible with each other.

    The SyQuest EZFlyer 3.5" hard-platter cartridge drive (135 Mb and 230 Mb versions) are completely different from the Zip and Jaz, as are the SyQuest 5.25" 44, 88 and 200 Mb drive, the first 3.5" SyQuest (200 Mb?) and the SyJet 1.5 Gb drive - There was one other SyQuest product - Shark? Sharq? 1 Gb - which was only ever released in a PC version as far as I remember.

    The imation 120 Mb Superfloppy is incompatible with Zip, it used special 3.5" floppy disks but could also read 1.44 3.5" floppies - most of the time.

    The Castlewood Orb drive was a hard disk cartridge drive similar to the Jaz and SyJet which the blank media was never available for, and it died an ignominious death.

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Hedy Lamarr and Claudette
  • Hedy Lamarr and Claudette

  • cube
    Sep 21, 09:24 AM
    I have never used a Samsung drive, nor do I know anybody who has. Do they actually make their own? Or do they get drives relabeled from another company?

    I have a P80. They make their own drives and have very nice tech. But they only make smaller drives with up to 2 platters (P120 has 125GB per platter).

    tammy blanchard hedy larue. Hedy Lamarr
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  • MacChinoNyc
    May 1, 09:35 PM
    "Apple is allegedly building two iPhone 5 models in place of a scheduled fall publish. According to an employee of an Apple part supplier, in attendance is good sense to believe with the purpose of the iPhone 5 will really be two devices: A �standard� and �pro� copy."


    Would these versions be welcomed or not?

    Carl S.
    Apr 20, 10:15 PM
    I was on Apple.Com checking out the refurbs and got a random idea in my head. I was curious to see what a maxed out mac pro would cost. So 23K later I had a beast of a machine. But I am curious, what is the use of having two 6-core processors and 64gigs of ram. Is there any application in the world that benefits from this much power. whats the point?.. just curious

    Apr 6, 09:08 PM
    It's in the rules. (http://guides.macrumors.com/Help:MacRumors_FAQ#How_do_I_set_my_avatar.3F)

    May 4, 01:14 PM
    wait till next year for the MBP case redesign and the dramatic 3D transistor architecture of ivy bridge :D

    Doctor Q
    Mar 24, 12:22 PM
    I was wondering if we could get an iOS forum as well, since there's one for Mac OS X, and none specifically for iOS (unless i'm blind). It seems that a lot of people are talking about iOS updates in the iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch forums.

    What do you guys think?
    People discuss iOS in general when there's a news story about it (in the matching discussion thread) or from a programming point of view (for which there's a forum). Otherwise, they post about it in the forum for the device they are using. The question is whether they'd really switch to discussing it in a single iOS forum. I think some people would use the new forum but many others would not, so we'd end up further fragmenting those discussions. But you need a crystal ball to know these things for certain.

    Apr 30, 11:37 AM
    A CDN isn't a web host or a cloud provider. It's a distributed network of computers that push-out content to the "edges" of the Internet, closer to users. It's appropriate for large web sites with large geographic appeal which also have a need for low-latency deliver of content to users.

    Amazon does have a CDN product, but it's not included in the base S3 offering. S3 offers storage services in ONE of Amazon's data centers, but doesn't push-out content across their world-wide network.

    To my knowledge, the other solutions offered aren't CDNs and don't offer a CDN product.

    Let's see, VPS offers origin pull caching on a few dozen locations around the world, including over a dozen in the US.

    Surely that's not a CDN. :rolleyes:

    Agreed. The Amazon product you'd be looking at is "CloudFront", not "S3".

    And Rackspace does offer a CDN now, but it's actually using Akamai for the CDN functionality. Akamai is the big corporate CDN player I've used. It's pricy, though.


    Yes, Rackspace says it uses Akamai. So why shouldn't you use Akamai? Hint: Just try to find prices on Akamai. It's not for small companies.

    Also, even if you select amazon cloudfront, you'll still get a price by region quote tool.